Love your website as much as you love your business

You’re a busy, “I have 1,000 plates in the air” woman. You’re an entrepreneur—and you touch lives in amazing ways. You want more people to know about you—and you want a website that is a meaningful expression of the love you share with the world.

You love feeling confident and want to have the same confidence about your web presence. You dream of having a beautiful website that supports your independence, but you’re afraid that you might not be able handle it on your own.

You’re not sure what to do right now and you’re tired of thinking about it. You’d gladly partner with someone if it was affordable and felt that you were in good hands. You definitely want to be able to have the confidence, skills, knowledge and support to take off your web-savvy training wheels.

We could make a dynamic duo if:

  • you want more people to know what you do and you want to share your special brand of kindness with your clients
  • you’d love to have an affordable, effective and professional website that supports you and your business
  • you’re willing to let go of perfection and limiting beliefs around technology and your abilities
  • you want to confidently take the reins of your own web presence (knowing you can have supportive hand-holding if you need it)
  • you want to have fun promoting yourself and really, deep inside, know you can do this

SUE RASMUSSEN“When we started working together, my business was going through a major evolution. I already had one website, and the new work I was doing needed a completely different website, new branding, a new tagline, and a fresh new approach. You took a tiny little spark of an idea and created a full-blown gorgeous design that perfectly matches the energy, mood, look, and feel I had been hoping for. You are brilliant, Lee! And even better, you made the design process fun, easy, and truly delightful. Not only are you an amazing designer, but you also showed me each step along the way how to leverage and use my site from a technical standpoint. One of your unique gifts, Lee, is your ability to teach…to take a big, complicated topic and make it easily understandable no matter what level of tech savvy someone has. I adore working with you (and I adore YOU). Thank you so much, Lee!” ~Sue Rasmussen, Sue Rasmussen

Just a bit about me

PINK BUBBLE GUM WEBSITESI’m Lee Miller, founder of Pink Bubble Gum Websites (PBG) and I bring the creative energy to our collaboration. I serve as your WordPress educator, website mentor and designer.

I started PBG because I’ve been in your shoes. I was dependent on someone else for my web presence. I felt frustrated and was trapped. I wanted my freedom—so I went after it.

And that’s what Pink Bubble Gum Websites is all about—sharing my brand of web kindness with other women — and a few extraordinary men — who want the same freedom and independence—and don’t have a limitless budget.

I specialize in helping women who are non-geekers and don’t want to know anything about coding, CSS and HTML. I get that. You just want a website that is an effective tool in your business toolbox. And…you want easy peasy–and that’s what’s on the menu here!

It is a joy to create affordable, custom and changeable websites for women like you. A website that reflects your business—your personality, you and your special brand of Goodness.

What really gets me jazzed is to be a part of guiding women to a place of personal transformation. A transformation from saying “Are you kidding—I can’t manage my own website.” to “Oh yes, I can!”

I really treasure women who:

  • like to show a little “sass” now and then
  • cherish a good laugh
  • love relationships more than “stuff”
  • are crazy for their pets (especially labs)
  • have a bit of “Rosie the Riveter” can-do-ness in their spirit

I believe that women can do anything. Anything. It’s all a matter of willingness and skill building—and a dedicated partner to help you get there.

My invitation to you: Come co-create with me and flex your web presence muscles…and celebrate your independence. It’ll be fun. Guaranteed.

ANGELA & JEREMY OLSON“Lee has an amazing talent at instilling a genuine ‘can do’ confident attitude into someone who has never tried web design before. Web design to us always seemed a dark, scary place, but Lee is illuminating and brilliant! With her positive approach, and step by step guidance and availability, the insurmountable task of creating the beautiful website of our dreams, suddenly became easy-peasy. Lee has a unique savvy sense about what makes a website an effective tool at representing who you really are, transmitting trust through its pages to viewers. Thank you Lee for all of your wisdom, encouragement, and hand-holding at times! You have helped us to grow so much! If anyone has the opportunity to work with Lee, seize it! She is a gift.” ~Angela & Jeremy Olson, Yo’s Clinic

How Pink Bubble Gum Websites can help you:

  • website design or re-design with a proven do-able process that works
  • website skills and building your “Can-Do Quotient” muscles with WordPress education
  • content coaching, resources and support
  • list building opt-in form through AWeber
  • layout strategy for content, sidebar and footer to maximize visual hierarchy
  • additional post launch “frosting on the cake” option for ongoing support, education and graphic design

Does this sound like what you need?

Great! Check out the details of the affordable Custom WordPress Website Package or connect with me and let me know what you need. I’m ready and excited to partner with you.